Acupuncture is Shown to be Effective in Treating Cholesterol

When we first opened Blue Heron Wellness almost 15 years ago, acupuncture treatment was still not part of the mainstream.  While we knew it worked with many issues from pain-related issues to stomach complaints, fertility support, and anxiety, sleeplessness, and more, Acupuncture was only starting to be explored as an intervention complementary to western medicine practice and mostly as it related to pain.  Through the years, it has been accepted more as an alternative to many drugs and even surgical interventions, researchers are now venturing into other areas.  Recently there was an editorial in “Acupuncture Today” regarding a study suggesting Acupuncture treatment to be as effective as drug-only therapy in treating high cholesterol.  Read more here.


This study appeared in the Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Shang Hai Zhen Jiu Za Zhi). An English translation/summary by CE provider HealthCMi served as the basis for our article.


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