Brain Food for Kids?

  The Fattest Organ Did you know the brain is your fattiest organ? And while carbohydrates are one of the main sources of energy, the brain needs healthy fats. But this doesn't mean you should give your child a stick of butter on toast day, but make sure they...

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Got Milk?

Balanced Diet     When you think of fertility, do you think of dieting? Most people do not think of dieting when it comes to fertility. In general, people strive for a balanced diet and try to eat “healthy”, but what we eat may influence our fertility more than...

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Happy & Healthy Eggnog

Happy & Healthy Eggnog Ok, for me, the holidays always included eggnog.  Thick, rich aromatic and spiked with a bit of joy.  I still can see the my mother's serving tray of garnished glasses of eggnog - with a smaller version of the same for kids - waiting on the...

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Curry Vegetable Latkes

Maybe a few more steps than usual, but the kick of nutrition and flavor may be worth your effort! Happy Holidays! Ingredients Three medium zucchiniTwo large carrotsOne onion1 cup Manischewitz Matzo MealTwo large eggs, beaten1 1/2 tbsp Manischewitz potato starch1 3/4...

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Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips The holiday season certainly presents its own set of challenges when trying to stay healthy and on track with balanced eating.  But there are ways to remain mindful of eating without turning holiday ho, ho, ho into ho-hum! Here are five...

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Winter 2019 Appreciation Week

January 7-13, 2019 Join Us – Mark Your Calendar & check this Space For Updates Schedule your Select $5.00, Drop-in Classes! Schedule Coming Soon Special Yoga Savings! Limited time offer: Buy an annual membership for $1200 for unlimited yoga. Includes 10% discount...

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