Your safety, and that of our staff and other clients, is always our priority.  With that in mind, we have taken many steps in line with guidelines from CDC, OSHA, Montgomery County, and Maryland State to ensure your safety while you are visiting us.

Prevent The Spread Of Covid 19

Our first concern is your health & well-being.
Here’s what we are doing to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at Blue Heron Wellness.


We are happy to be open once again for Therapeutic Massage,  Acupuncture Treatment,  Nutrition Consults (by virtual appointments), and yoga classes (virtually through Zoom), and we have made many changes to our center to reduce your risk and enhance safety.

We Follow the Maryland State Travel Advisory

Currently, Maryland State requires quarantine of those traveling to this state from any place with a Positivity Rate greater than 10%. It is also recommended that testing for COVID is done upon return from any state outside of our own.  Help us keep everyone safe.  Check the site first and please book your appointments accordingly.   Check this link for information.

Social Distancing ….

Don’t forget your mask!  Masks must be worn by everyone in order to come to see us.  And please, before you leave your car in the parking lot, call or text us (301-754-3730).  This is to ensure the reception area is clear before we admit the next guest.

Contactless Transactions…

For safety, we are limiting contact so appointments will be checked out by phone from your car.   Looking for product purchase?  Browse our online retail shop for home delivery or curbside pick up during business hours.   Want to leave a gratuity?  Please do so through your credit card rather than cash.  We ensure that the therapist receives the entire amount, removing no fees for the transaction.

We Will Do a Quick Check….

We are also monitoring all as you enter so please work with staff as they monitor your temperature (contactless thermometers) and oxygen levels (finger monitor).  You will also be asked to sanitize your hands before proceeding to your practitioners.

Ventilation and Fresh Air….

Our HVAC is an open system designed to bring in fresh outdoor air and turn over the inside frequently.  Many of our treatment rooms already had enhanced ventilation to accommodate the needs of our practitioners.  In those rooms that were not already enhanced, we are enabling more ventilation at the doorway.  We are also testing UV-C light air filters in the massage rooms and will determine the best approach to filtration above our usual air filters in the HVAC system.

Disinfecting and Keeping it Clean….

Staff is disinfecting all surfaces in restrooms and public areas every hour.  Therapists and practitioners are disinfecting all surfaces in the treatment before and after every client.  We have also created additional time in the weekly schedule for the cleaning crew to do a deeper cleaning twice weekly.  As you step into Blue Heron Wellness, you will see other changes to furnishing and appearance.  While we have had to temporarily remove many of the things that made our center warm and inviting, please know that we are still here with the same heartfelt, healing intentions for you. We hope that what you may miss in the surroundings, you will see and feel in the care and treatment of our staff, therapists, and practitioners…..  We remain here for you…


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