Start your day with the Power of Protein!

Bonnie Pace, MS, CNS, LDN


     For many of us, the beginning of the day starts with a Standard American Diet (SAD) breakfast; a bagel, waffle, muffin, pancakes, or cereal, all processed carbohydrates which contain little to no fiber.  These choices can spike your blood sugar before you leave the table, only to come crashing down hours later.  When that happens, your body naturally wants more carbs to try to even out your blood sugar.  So begins a not very fun daily roller coaster ride. 

An easy swap or addition to your breakfast is the power of protein!  Protein in your breakfast keeps you satisfied longer, helps your body more efficiently burn calories, and if you are working out it helps with muscular recovery and repair. 

How do you add protein to your breakfast? 

      Some easy ways to add protein to your breakfast include hard-boiled eggs, Greek yogurt with walnuts and blueberries, or adding a scoop of protein powder into a breakfast smoothie with half a banana and your favorite milk.  You can also add a little something different for breakfast.  Due to working from home, many people are eating their breakfast a little later in the morning.  There is no reason why that protein can’t be leftover chicken, turkey, or steak from last night’s dinner.  If you have the time a veggie omelet is a great way to get protein and fiber in one delicious nutrient-dense dose.  If that sounds great but you don’t have the time, here is a recipe for on-the-go omelet cups:

Bacon, egg, and spinach Omelet cups

Wrap turkey bacon (look for nitrate-free) around the sides of a muffin pan or paper muffin cup. (This is optional – you can make these vegetarian as well.)

Scramble eggs (approximately six for one muffin pan) and add in spinach or your favorite veggies.

Pour into the muffin pan and bake at 350 for 18 – 20 minutes until the center is firm.

Toss in the microwave for about 10 seconds and you are out the door with a powerful start to your day!