What Is Enlightened Rest with Claudia Neuman?

I love teaching my Enlightened Rest workshop because people who take it begin to gain an awareness of the role of rest in their lives. This workshop centers on the practice of Yoga Nidra, which is sometimes interpreted as ‘the yoga of sleep’. Suffice to say, that in our over-stimulated society, in which electronics and computer screens are dictating our every move, there is no better reason to take a break from that input and totally reset the mind and body in Enlightened Rest.

Yoga Nidra is the ancient practice of harvesting the benefits of the deep sleep state while you remain aware and present. The protocol of this practice is simple: lie down, relax, and listen to the prompts of my voice. My teachers have called it the practice of effortlessness. Imagine; all you have to do is lie down and relax. Has it is outlined in the ancient texts of the yoga tradition, yoga Nidra is often described as a pathway to higher consciousness. In my tradition, Para Yoga, we have five types of Nidra that yield specific results: essentials, healing, cognitive strengthening, Sankalpa (resolve and intention setting), and, transformation. Each month I offer one of these five. Our work with Sankalpa, or, intention setting, is well-loved. Being in a deeply relaxed state and setting intentions can be powerful and usually works!

I prepare you for this wonderful practice by using Yin Yoga poses to start, and a special set of movements called ‘Joints and Glands’ exercises. Because the Nidra part is about 30-35 minutes of laying down and being guided in the practice, these preparations make a winning combination and most have emerged with profound respect for the state of rest and repair they have received!

If you have been spending too much time on a computer screen, experiencing strange sleep patterns in the pandemic, or you have been fatigued, this is the class for you! I hope you will join us in the monthly offerings at Blue Heron Wellness!