Workplace Wellness Success Stories

Success Stories – Case #1

A client recently contacted us after her staff had successfully completed a large project on budget and on time. Her company wanted to acknowledge the nearly round-the-clock efforts of their staff in a unique way – free lunch just wasn’t going to do it.  So we brought them a day of tension-busting chair massage.  The smiles on their faces and the sighs of relaxation said it all!

Success Stories – Case #2

Another client’s firm had experienced a round of layoffs and salary cuts.  The Human Resources (HR) Director was desperately searching for a way to rebuild the remaining staff’s feeling of belonging and raise their morale.

We brainstormed and imagined what kind of wellness event would meet her objectives.

The HR Director was concerned about cost . . . but she was surprised at how easily and affordably we could put an employee morale-boosting wellness event into action.

Working together, we designed and launched their first Wellness Day—an entire day that included a health-conscious breakfast & lunch, tension-zapping, seated massage, invigorating stretching classes and a fun and stress-reducing, after-hours yoga class.

The shared meals brought people out of their offices and cubicles for socializing, fun and relaxation.

The massage and stretching relaxed and rejuvenated tense muscles.

The smiles, friendly chatter and laughter was something that hadn’t been heard much in recent weeks and was a welcome sign of recovery.


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